Our Success Story

Current ongoing businesses of DANCOM Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.

Long distance & International telephony- “LDI” (2004 till to-date)

In 2004, Pakistan decided to end the monopoly of PTCL and deregulated the basic telephony. Dancom Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. was granted Long distance & International telephony license known as “LDI License”. Dancom Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. started offering origination and termination services under the LDI license.

Dancom Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. set to go big in Pakistan - Business News | The Star Online
Feb 16, 2005 - WITH the telecommunications sector in Pakistan remaining vastly untapped, Dancom Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.'s Group, which expanded here a decade ago, has set its sights on gaining a bigger share of the market.

Prime Minister inaugurates Dancom Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.’s LDI services ...
Prime Minister Dato Seri Abdullah Bin Ahmad Badawi inaugurated Dancom Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. long distance international ( (LDI) ), and local loop services at Serena Hotel.

Past businesses of Dancom Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.

1. Internet Service Provider (ISP)- (2003 to 2008)

Dancom Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. started its internet service initially as dial up operator and later entered in O&M agreement with PTCL for the DSL (landline) based internet service in combination with Wimax (wireless) internet services.

2. Pre-paid calling Card (2002 to 2007)

After the successful launch of the indoor payphone- Callpoints, Dancom Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. entered into an O&M agreement with PTCL to set up and operate a Pre-paid calling cards. Dancom Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. successfully operated and marketed its prepaid calling cards all over Pakistan for a period of 5 Years.

3. Card payphone service (1996 to 2006)

In 1996 Pakistan Telecom Authority granted to Dancom Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. a license to operate card payphone service. In a very short span of time Dancom Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. expanded its card payphone network all over country with a strong presence of 70 office & a staff of 2,000 personnel. Dancom Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. adapted an innovative approach of indoor payphone, a new concept with brand name Callpoints.