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National Tax Number (NTN): 7546081-4 is a match-making service with a whole new concept of going about marriage the unconventional way. Presenting ‘Personalized Match-making’ at client convenience, we offer an extensive range of choices based on his/her very own vision of a spouse -- making it easy for client to meet people worth spending his/her time with. The goal is to help successful, single, men and women find reliable and suitable partners for marriage. prides itself on its exclusivity, assisting client toward his/her nuptial vows with special care and attention while keeping his/her safety and privacy intact. The company operates nationwide with correspondents in major cities, and aims toward a global outreach with representatives in the United Kingdom, United States, Gulf, Germany, Canada and elsewhere.

Equipped with the largest private database of accomplished singles both within and beyond the country, we facilitate our clients by assigning a matchmaker or intermediary to understand their individual needs. Our executive board and client liaisons work together to ensure success for our clients by making use of their invaluable knowledge and experience.

We aspire to become the most sought after matrimonial services provider in the near future. Our professionally skilled team has been trained to guide client and recommend compatible members on the basis of numerous criterions. This may include personal preferences with regards to education, background, personality traits, relationship goals and much more.

Seeking his/her significant other can be a frustrating task, which can leave client all baffled. Investing in a professional matchmaker is what can make the job handy.
Let us steer client in the right direction and help him/her find the “One”. Get hold of our incredible matchmaking services and transform his/her soul mate search into a wonderful experience. Client owe it to his/her-self.

At we cater to our respectable candidate irrespective of their background, religion, race, ethnicity, geographical region or age range.

Offered Packages

Client can choose any package from below list depending on his/her requirement.

Signature Package: (PKR.35,000)

  1. Connections Limit: 60
  2. Recommendations Limit: 80
  3. Expiry: 12 months

Experience the signature package by , this is the ‘Best-Selling Offer. Client will gain access to basic and extensive search options for both International and domestic Rishtas. Additionally, matchmaker offers a range of additional services that include proposal shortlisting, WhatsApp sharing, and client application management. Signature member can feature their profile for maximum visibility on the website. This is one of the best offers till now. Subscribe and have hassle free Rishta service.

Premium Plus: (PKR.27,000)

  1. Connections Limit: 40
  2. Recommendations Limit: 60
  3. Expiry: 12 months

Discover a world of possibilities, we ensure quality International and Domestic Rishty that aligns with his/her preferences. Benefit from the expertise of a personalized matchmaker who will assist his/her in finding suitable rishtas. As a Premium Plus member, client can also feature his/her profile for maximum visibility. Enjoy the privilege of viewing contact details on a potential match's profile upon their permission. Client have ample time to embark on his/her journey by choosing this amazing package.

Premium: (PKR.17,000)

  1. Connections Limit: 30
  2. Recommendations Limit: 40
  3. Expiry: 12 months

Our platform offers this package for Local Pakistani Rishty. Gain access to our comprehensive matchmaking services & enhance his/her prospects to get the perfect match. Our dedicated matchmaker will assist client in finding suitable rishtas tailored to his/her preferences. Increase his/her visibility by featuring his/her profile as a prominent member with an additional payment. Respect for privacy is of paramount importance for us.

Premium Plus Installment: (PKR.13,500)

  1. Connections Limit: 10
  2. Recommendations Limit: 20
  3. Expiry: 1 month

Explore the world of local Pakistani Rishty with our personalized matchmaking services. Enjoy the flexibility of two installments, with the first installment of 13,500 PKR per month. Client will have a recommendation Limit of 20 with 10 connections during the first installment. In the second installment, his/her recommendation limit of 40 with 30 connections.

Discover a world of possibilities with's International & Local Rishty service. Benefit from the expertise of a dedicated matchmaker who will assist him/her in finding suitable rishtas. As a Premium Plus member, his/her profile is tagged and featured, maximizing his/her visibility within our community. Enjoy the privilege of viewing contact details on a potential match's profile upon their permission. Trust , It facilitates his/her search for love and companionship.

Premium Installment: (PKR.8,500)

  1. Connections Limit: 7
  2. Recommendations Limit: 12
  3. Expiry: 1 month

Explore the world of local Pakistani Rishty with our personalized matchmaking services. Enjoy the package with the 2 flexible installment plans: each installment is PKR 8,500 per month. Client will have 12 Rishta recommendations and 7 Rishta connections in the first installment. While in the second installment, his/her recommendation limit increases to 30 and his/her connection limit will increase to 25.

Our dedicated matchmaker will provide invaluable assistance in finding a suitable Rishta that meets his/her specific criteria. We prioritize privacy, allowing him/her to view a potential match's profile and contact details only with their permission. For increased visibility, client has the option to feature his/her profile as Spotlighted with an additional payment. Trust us to facilitate his/her local Pakistani Rishta journey with professionalism and excellence.

Basic: (PKR.6,500)

  1. Connections Limit: 20
  2. Recommendations Limit: 30
  3. Expiry: 4 months

Enjoy our “Basic package“ which is a self-service plan to search for client partner based on his/her preferences. In this plan, the choice of matches is limited to those candidates only who also have subscribed to the “Basic package”. The validity period for this package is 4 months. Have a happy Basic package; explore and connect with potential partners at his/her own will and dedicated time.

All packages prices may vary time-to-time.

Rishta Finder

Rishta Finder
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Welcome to Rishta Finder

A new phenomenal" Rishta Finder' feature is one of the most amazing features Of If clients are the 'Rishta finder', be happy and ready for the surprise. gives him/her direct access to the best-featured profiles on Client can unlock it by a simple sign-up and purchasing a package. Visit the featured profile page, view the profile details, and have what clients aimed to find. Happy Rishta Finding.

Is client a Rishta Finder? is the answer. It offers client the right way to find the best Rishta through 'Rishta finder', a feature designed exclusively for him/her. Client can find Rishta for his/her-self and others.

What do client do with 'Rishta finder?

Client can access a vast pool of featured profiles
With Rishta Finder, client can access a vast pool of featured profiles, unlock their profile details, and provide him/her with potential matches within the platform.

Effortless Sign-Up Process
Signing up on is a seamless experience. Client can create an account using his/her social media credentials if client is already a member of, he/she can log in with his/her existing account and have instant access to Rishta Finder.

Variety of Packages to Serve Client offers a variety of packages for Rishta Finders. These packages allow client to increase his/her credit count, enabling him/her to unlock more profiles and provide a broader range of options to him/her. Purchasing packages is quick and convenient, with JazzCash or Bank Alfalah options.

Rishta Finder is a powerful tool with a user-friendly interface and access to featured profiles.'s Rishta Finder is the perfect companion for his/her journey as a Rishta Agent. Join us today and revolutionize the way client find matches.

Rishta Finder is currently available on our web page. It can be accessed through the browser of Client mobile device, giving him/her the freedom to connect with potential matches anytime, anywhere.

Project Features:

  1. User Profiles
  2. Search and Match
  3. Privacy
  4. Instant reach to the professional match makers
  5. Personalized matchmaking service
  6. Mobile Apps
  7. Customer Support
  8. Option to convert your profile into featured profile
  9. Success Stories
  10. Relationship guide blogs
  11. Signature Memberships
  12. Safety and Security Measures

User Flow:

It's important to note that the user flow may vary slightly based on the specific features and design of

We get a minimum of 1,000 clients a month; among them, a minimum of 500 clients get hitched monthly.

Payment Methods:

  1. Jazz Cash
  2. Bank Alfalah
  3. Manual Payments

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Tech Stack:
Laravel, PHP, PostgreSQL, CSS, Bootstrap, Third party Payment Integration, jQuery, D3