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tutoria.pk® is Pakistan’s first digital self-study platform that offers personalized exam-preparation material for matric and intermediate students. Aside from its signature content, students can also stream comprehensive video lectures, use 24/7 support to get personal learning recommendations and access their dashboard on the go through tutoria’s smart app.

tutoria.pk® Story

tutoria.pk® was formed in line with the founder’s vision to create a reliable, practical and highly accessible self-study platform that offers customized exam preparation material at a fraction of the cost of traditional learning. With recent innovations, tutoria has diversified its e-learning model to nurture the student’s academic growth while stimulating their personal development.

Modern E-learning Technology

tutoria.pk® helps the student take his/her academic journey forward without putting life on hold. We bring student the perfect blend of innovation and technology that fits his/her routine. Student can now run errands, visit his/her friends, take trips, and still prepare for his/her upcoming examinations without breaking a sweat.

Guaranteed Premium Quality

Every topic we prepare follows strict adherence to each academic jurisdiction so students affiliated with their respective boards get precisely what they are looking for. Moreover, every part of the content we produce is treated through layers of rigorous testing to ensure only the highest quality material is offered.

Complete Coverage

tutoria.pk® prides itself on the depth and range of its study materials. Since 2014, we have produced top of the line chapter by chapter book notes, solved 5-year past-papers, over 7000 MCQs, and hundreds of unique quizzes, all designed specifically around each board’s requirements that guarantee his/her good grades.

Key Features:

  1. Video Lectures from our expert teachers
  2. Book Question & Answers are free
  3. Solved Past Papers: Matric & Intermediate ( 18+ Boards )
  4. MCQs & Quizzes Matric & Intermediate ( 18+ Boards )
  5. Tutoria Academy “The only tutor student can trust”

Payment Methods:

  1. Jazz Cash
  2. Easy Paisa

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Tech Stack:
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